NGI broadens its sequencing and multi-omics capabilities with Element Biosciences AVITI24

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) at SciLifeLab has ordered Element Biosciences’ AVITI24 system. This purchase not only adds new sequencing capabilities with avidity sequencing but also comes with completely new options for performing on flow cell multiomics on cells.

Element Biosciences’ Avidity Sequencing is a breakthrough technology that offers a unique solution for next-generation sequencing. The technology known as Avidity Base Chemistry (ABC) moves away from base detection through strand extension with fluorescent nucleotides and instead relies on avidity binding of fluorophore-coupled avidites in a step decoupled from strand extension.

For users of NGI, the AVITI system will provide a highly flexible platform with new options for high accuracy sequencing, on board targeted library prep and sequencing, and development of new assays. Beyond sequencing, the AVITI24 will also provide a completely new capability for performing multiomics analysis in cells – allowing for simultaneous detection of DNA, RNA, proteins and morphology in hundreds of thousands of cells that are analyzed directly on the flow cell in the instrument.

The AVITI24 technology explained by Element:

Image provided by Element Biosciences.


Last updated: 2024-06-13

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