Precision Cancer Medicine focus of SciLifeLab seminar at Keystone Symposia

On May 9, SciLifeLab arranged a lunch seminar on Cutting-Edge Technologies in Precision Cancer Medicine during the three-day Keystone Symposia taking place in Stockholm. The conference was also co-organized by SciLifeLab.

The seminar featured several researchers and units from SciLifeLab, highlighting large-scale sequencing efforts carried out in different cancer types, which have paved the way for the incorporation of next-generation sequencing-based approaches into routine clinical diagnostics and every-day patient care. To complement the presentations, the seminar also included a lunch mingle to promote new connections and collaborations, as well as to present SciLifeLab to the participating group of around 100 international researchers.



Chair: Valtteri Wirta, Head of unit, Clinical Genomics, SciLifeLab

Olli, Kallioniemi, Director, SciLifeLab
Welcome and introduction to SciLifeLab

Linn Fagerberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, SciLifeLab
Wellness profiling and the Human Protein Atlas

Janne Lehtiö, Platform Director, Chemical Proteomics & Proteogenomics platform, SciLifeLab
Coupling cancer genotype with molecular phenotype by proteogenomics

Per Arvidsson, Platform Director, Drug Discovery and Development platform, SciLifeLab
Turning academic cancer research projects into translational drug discovery programs

Richard Rosenquist Brandell, Dept. of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Karolinska Institutet
Genomic Medicine Sweden – a national precision medicine initiative






Last updated: 2020-05-15

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