SciLifeLab is looking for new Co-Director and Infrastructure Director

Spring 2020 has been eventful at SciLifeLab. Our roadmap, mapping the strategy and future of SciLifeLab was released. The entire national infrastructure has gone through a thorough evaluation. And we have set up a number of efforts to combat the corona pandemic – such as the SciLifeLab-KAW program for SARS-CoV-2-testing, the national COVID-19 research program and the national COVID-19 data portal. And as of fall 2020, we’re looking to recruit a new Co-Director and Infrastructure Director, to take part in our future endeavors.

The Co-Director (applying initially for a period of six years at 50 percent), will work with the Director and SciLifeLab management group on SciLifeLab’s national infrastructure, data and research collaborations. Leading the national administration of SciLifeLab, together with the Director, the Co-Director will serve as a coordinating and strategic contact between SciLifeLab and university representatives outside the Stockholm-Uppsala region. Furthermore, the Co-Director will take part in building national research communities and collaborations for SciLifeLab.

The Infrastructure Director (applying initially for a period of six years at 50 percent) will also work with the Director and the SciLifeLab management group, with a primary responsibility for the national infrastructure units, instrumentation and staff at SciLifeLab. Managing infrastructure operations, the Infrastructure Director will monitor new technologies and potential infrastructure services, stay updated on life science developments at all Swedish major universities, follow developments in local, national and international infrastructures and serve as a coordinating contact between SciLifeLab and infrastructure funders and stakeholders.

Both assignments start in January, 2021.

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Last updated: 2020-07-01

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