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SciLifeLab RDM Roadshow visits Umeå

On May 13-14, the SciLifeLab Data Centre and the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS), in collaboration with the SciLifeLab Umeå site, welcomed PhD students, postdocs, researchers and infrastructure staff members to the first stop in the SciLifeLab Research Data Management Roadshow, a 2-day event of presentations, workshops, & networking.

The event was arranged by SciLifeLab Data Management, which is a collaborative effort between SciLifeLab Data Centre and NBIS Data Management team, together with the Umeå site and data management support staff, aiming to support and collaborate with the Swedish life sciences research community and infrastructure. The overall aims of SciLifeLab Data Management, is to maximize the value of life science data, highlight and disseminate information about Open Science, FAIR, and good RDM practices, offer services, tools, and support, and offer courses and training.

“It was very valuable for us to meet in person with the RDM professionals in Umeå to discuss how we can work together to support researchers in Umeå regarding their data management needs,” says Niclas Jareborg (UU), Data Manager at NBIS.

The event was a success and gathered a broad mixture of people from the Umeå research community. We were especially happy to see that so many PhD students were able to join the different parts of the event.

“Here, doctoral students and postdocs receive an essential piece of their research training, learning to see opportunities and plan how research data should be saved and shared, making the research results even more valuable!,” says Linda Sandblad, Umeå Research Infrastructure Director. During the Roadshow, the participants could listen to the lunch seminar Overview of Research Data Management services and support available locally and from SciLifeLab, join the FAIR Frukost, and participate in two workshops on Data Management Plans and Data submission to public repositories.

Stay tuned for the next stop on the SciLifeLab Research Data Management Roadshow this autumn.

Photo taken by Mattias Pettersson.


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