SciLifeLab reached out to Göteborg and Umeå

On October 14, representatives from SciLifeLab technical platforms visited Göteborg and Umeå to give an overview of what the center can offer. That the use of SciLifeLab technologies and expertise is almost free of charge thanks to the governmental financing was a pleasant surprise for many local researchers.

Mingel Outreach Day GBG

Around 120 researchers from Umeå University and 90 researchers from the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers participated in the SciLifeLab Outreach Day that took place in Umeå and Göteborg at the same time.

“We are very happy about this effort of opening up SciLifeLab to the Swedish research community” said Staffan Edén, Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Gothenburg. “Sharing cutting edge infrastructure and promoting collaborations makes Sweden internationally competitive.”

During the day the SciLifeLab platforms National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI), Bioinformatics platform and the Drug Discovery and Development platform were presented. The participants got information on what techniques the platforms offer, how to apply with projects, what it costs and how projects are prioritized.

“Prioritization may differ from platform to platform but the employment of our technologies and expertise is free of charge, you only pay for reagents” said Mathias Uhlén, Director at SciLifeLab, to the Gothenburg audience.

During the day, there was also a poster session where different SciLifeLab platforms were represented. For those with a particular interest in NGI, a session with more detailed presentation and scientific focus was given in the afternoon. The participants also had the opportunity to have individual meetings with the representatives from SciLifeLab.

“This is a good opportunity for me to get in contact with SciLifeLab” said Kristina Eriksson, researcher at the University of Gothenburg. “I am curious about how I could use the SNP&SEQ unit in my research so I have booked a meeting with them. I hope they can give me practical advice on how much material I need for my samples, etc.”

The plan is to arrange SciLifeLab outreach days twice a year, reaching two universities every time.

“SciLifeLab is not here only to present our technologies but also to increase collaborations nationally,” said Co-Director Kerstin Lindblad Toh to the audience in Umeå. “We must ask ourselves; ‘What can we do to enable collaborations across Sweden?’”

NGI also visited Lund Univerity and Linköping University during the day.


Last updated: 2020-05-15

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