SciLifeLab Technology Survey 2023 – Open to August 10

We hereby invite life science researchers and stakeholders within academia, healthcare, industry, and governmental organizations across Sweden to give input to the development of the national SciLifeLab infrastructure

The SciLifeLab national infrastructure is a major resource for life science researchers across Sweden, funded directly by the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research. The infrastructure provides nationally unique and internationally competitive technologies, high-quality services and scientific expertise to researchers working in any field of life science.

The SciLifeLab infrastructure will enter a new four-year budget period in 2025, and the SciLifeLab Board decision on the funding of the next-generation infrastructure will be based on an international evaluation carried out by an appointed International Evaluation Committee (IEC). In addition, all major universities as well as the National SciLifeLab Committee (NSC) will be part of the reviewing process. The international evaluation will be preceded by i) internal platform preparatory work resulting in platform strategic plans (material to be submitted to IEC, Universities, and NSC in February 2024, and ii) a technology survey aiming to gather proposals on new cutting-edge technologies and existing local infrastructure units that is currently not part of SciLifeLab. Selected proposals (see review procedure below) will be included in the platform plans for the international evaluation in 2024.

In this technology survey, we ask the life science research community in Sweden to provide input to the development of the future SciLifeLab infrastructure from 2025 and beyond. We are interested in two types of proposals, both aiming at strengthening the current SciLifeLab infrastructure:

  • New cutting-edge technologies, instruments, services, and technological capabilities that are urgently needed by the user community
  • Existing, non-SciLifeLab, facilities (local core facilities or national infrastructure) that could be included as candidate SciLifeLab infrastructure units in the international evaluation in 2024. Please indicate the platform that the proposed unit would best fit in.

By participating in this survey, you contribute to the future development of SciLifeLab as a national resource!


Last updated: 2023-06-02

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