SciLifeLab Voices: Artemy Zhigulev

Hi Artemy, could you tell us a bit about your field of research?

I’m interested in enhancers – short DNA sequences regulating the expression of targeted genes in 3D over huge distances. Lately, the importance of enhancer mutations for human health has become apparent. These cases received a name enhanceropathies. For example, my latest work shows that enhancer mutations modulate the severity of the unspecific death of blood cell progenitors during chemotherapy treatment. Meanwhile, we are also working on the link between enhancers and the predisposition to several cardiovascular diseases. I believe that in the future, doctors will be able to use my enhancer research and select the proper treatment based on the genetic test in a matter of days.

What is it like to conduct a PhD at SciLifeLab?

Good question. After four years here, it is difficult to separate myself from SciLifeLab. It is definitely much easier to conduct great interdisciplinary science surrounded by specialists in almost any life sciences field. For example, on alfa three, we have open-space offices and labs for PhD students, and the NGI facility is located just nearby. Altogether, that creates an excellent environment for young scientists.

What are you looking forward to this year?

Oh, this year should be a banger for me. Several high-impact projects I lead are about to finish, then the FANTOM6 release. I’m also looking for opportunities to exhibit my enhancer in art project in Sweden. We made a photoshoot, reflecting on promoter-enhancer interactions through the prism of human relationships. Finally, finishing my book about alternative rap would be really nice. But there is still some work to complete before setting any detailed plans.

Which was your last read book / seen film?

I’m mostly into books, but a few weeks ago, I visited the remarkable opening of the Skandia cinema after some years of restoration. They showed “Poor Things” by Yorgos Lanthimos, a crazy, in a good way, film director from Greece. I missed the Stockholm Film Festival premiere and was happy to finally see it. Great movie, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary art in all appearances.


Last updated: 2024-04-08

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