Swedish politicians visit Site Uppsala

Rifo (the society of parliamentarians, researchers, and Uppsala’s parliament, municipal, and regional politicians) visited Meetingplace Navet at Site Uppsala on November 20.

Prof. Mia Phillipson, Co-Director of SciLifeLab, gave the group a presentation about SciLifeLab before they went on to visit different infrastructure units and laboratories available at Site Uppsala.

The following units and laboratories were visited:

  • Affinity Proteomics, presented by Mikael Åberg
  • U-Print, presented by Olle Eriksson

Visiting guests from Rifo:

  • Gunilla Svantorp, S
  • Marie-Louise Hänel Sandström, M
  • Ilona Szatmari Waldau, V
  • Lili André, KD
  • Anders Ådahl, C
  • Camilla Hansén, MP
  • Helena Gellerman, L
  • Ulrik Nilsson, M
  • Robert Stenkvist, SD
  • Lina Nordquist, L
  • Lina Bertling Tjernberg, professor KTH
  • Sergei Glavatskih, professor KTH
  • Martin Wierup, professor em, SLU/SVA
  • Martin Jakobsson, Professor SU
  • Sophia Hober, professor KTH
  • Karin Helander, KVHAA, professor
  • Lars Eriksson, Rifo administration
  • Ulrika Björkstén, gen.secretary. V-A and honorary doctorate at UU


Last updated: 2023-11-24

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