The Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize goes to Carl-Henrik Heldin

The Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize goes to SciLifeLab researcher, and chairman of the SciLifeLab board, Carl-Henrik Heldin (Uppsala University), for his groundbreaking research about growth factors and cancer.

The prize rewards outstanding research done in the fields of basic and clinical medicine and is awarded by the University of Oslo. It is one of the biggest awards of its kind in the Nordics.

“Heldin is one of the most cited researchers in the Nordics and his research has led to new principles in cancer treatment. He has, through his research, shown how cells communicate with other cells though growth factors and have identified new signaling pathways. He has also shown that errors in the way cells handle growth factor signaling is strongly associated with the development of cancer” writes the University in a press release.

The prize ceremony will take place at the University of Oslo on October 31.

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Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt


Last updated: 2019-06-19

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