Three new Clinical Genomics nodes

The Clinical Genomics units merged and became the Clinical Genomics Infrastructure May 1, 2019, adding three new nodes in addition to the previous four unit locations. The unit will have seven nodes spread across Sweden, of which three are at new locations: Linköping, Umeå and Örebro.

The Clinical Genomics Infrastructure is part of the national platform for Diagnostics Development. The overall aim of the platform is to provide service and support at the national level to translational researchers and clinicians in healthcare and public health systems. The unit brings the translation of new high-throughput techniques, such as next-generation sequencing, into clinical use. To do this, the platform integrates technological, bioinformatics and clinical expertise.

“Through the new Clinical Genomics Infrastructure we will continue to develop cutting-edge sequencing technologies that can be adapted for clinical research projects and implemented in routine diagnostics at national level and hence pave the way for precision medicine”, says platform director Richard Rosenquist Brandell.

Before May 1, Clinical Genomics units could be found in Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala. The new infrastructure have nodes located in the cities mentioned above, as well as in Linköping, Umeå and Örebro. Clinical Genomics nodes will thereby be present at all seven locations where Genomic Medicine Sweden is operative.

“The Clinical Genomics unit nodes within the Diagnostics Development platform will work closely together and be the technical hubs, providing a common framework for harmonization and standardization of genomic technologies in Sweden. They will also work closely together with the Genomic Medicine Centers that have been established at each site that will transfer newly developed technologies into routine clinical diagnostics and patient care to enable individualized therapy and follow up”, says Richard Rosenquist Brandell.

Foto: Karolinska Institutet / Creo Media Group


Last updated: 2019-05-23

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