Three SciLifeLab researchers receive ERC Consolidator Grants

The European Research Council (ERC) recently published the results from the 2020 call for proposals for ERC Consolidator Grants. 14 of the 327 researchers receiving grants, comes from Sweden and three of them are SciLifeLab researchers, Ilaria Testa (KTH), Alexandra Teleki (UU) and Alexander Suh (UU).

“With this grant we will develop a new method to diagnose and treat inflammatory bowel disease in children. We will bring together an expert project group with gastroenterologists at the clinics, material engineers, medical and pharmaceutical scientists to tackle this demanding disease, simplify the diagnosis and ultimately offer more effective treatments”, says Alexandra Teleki about her project MAGNETO.

“Funding by ERC will allow my group to consolidate our research on germline-restricted chromosomes, a type of germline/soma genome difference likely present in more than half of all bird species. We are especially excited to study the developmental and functional genomics of this fascinating phenomenon”, says Alexander Suh about his project GermlineChrom.

“This is a big deal for our lab. This ERC provides us with the resources needed to do science with full dedication and focus, something that fosters creativity and an idea enriched environment”, says Ilaria Testa about her project InSpIRe, in a press release from KTH.

In the project, she and her group will image and study the contacts between the brain’s neuronal cells, which allows humans to think, learn and develop emotions.


Last updated: 2020-12-17

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