Excellent development in short time – SciLifeLab gets good grades from the Swedish Research Council

For the first time ever SciLifeLab has been subject to a public evaluation by the Swedish Research Council on behalf of the Swedish government. The experts’ opinion is that SciLifeLab is an impressive investment with good possibilities to become a world-leading center.

The reports states that SciLifeLab has completed a very successful build-up phase, launching an impressive infrastructure in a very short time. The scientific quality of the technology platforms is very high with well-trained and service oriented technical staff, according to the report. The report also recognizes that strategic recruitments and relocation of key personnel to the center already have generated many new projects in the Swedish life science community. Furthermore, the report panels comment the list of scientific highly cited papers published in top-tier international journals by SciLifeLab researchers.

The Research Council also points to some issues for improvement for the coming years. To become a fully established national resource for life science research the center needs clearer vision, structure, management and financing, according to the report.

“I am very happy for the report.” Said Director Olli Kallioniemi. “It is an important tool for us to improve our operations and I think the research council has done an excellent and important job that will help us taking SciLifeLab forward. A lot of these points have also been identified internally at SciLifeLab and we are already working with some of them.”

The evaluation was conducted by two international expert panels during spring 2015 and their report was published November 30 on


Last updated: 2015-11-30

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