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SciLifeLab Science Summit 2020 – Cancelled

Genomics of Biodiversity and Evolution The event is cancelled

May 5, 2020, Aula Magna, Stockholm University

In an era characterized by extinction and habitat loss, it is crucial to explore biological diversity on our planet and understand the evolutionary processes that generate it. Genome sequencing has generated numerous insights into how species form and how they adapt to their environments, which is vital to understand in a changing world. As sequencing technologies improve and become less expensive it becomes feasible to produce high-quality genome assemblies and analyze genetic diversity in a huge number of species, which has led to a number of ambitious projects including the proposed Earth BioGenome Project to sequence all known Eukaryotes. Swedish scientists and SciLifeLab are at the forefront of this field, with genome projects including the pine tree, herring, Arctic fox and 200 mammals, advancing knowledge of topics including population genetics, adaptation, speciation, convergent evolution, and functional constraint.

In this SciLifeLab Summit, we have gathered several leading researchers, who use genomics to learn about the diversity of life!

Professors Federica Di Palma, Richard Durbin, Ludovic Orlando, and Stephen Wright will talk about genome studies of biodiversity from plants and vertebrates to entire ecosystems.


Scientific committee

  • Prof. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Uppsala University
  • Prof. Leif Andersson, Uppsala University
  • Prof. Matt Webster, Uppsala University
  • Prof. Love Dalén, Centre for Paleogenetics (SU/NRM)

Keynote Speakers

  • Federica Di Palma
  • Richard Durbin
  • Ludovic Orlando
  • Stephen Wright

Invited speakers

  • Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, UU
  • Karin Norén, SU
  • Tanja Slotte, SU
  • Nathaniel Street, Umu

2nd Day; SciLifeLab Science Summit: Information and Registration to Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) brainstorming meeting on May 6, in Uppsala

More information: event flyer