2019-07-19, NEWS

New biomarker panel for diagnosis of chronic periodontitis

Facilitated by the ScilifeLab NGI, researchers from Karolinska Institutet, SciLifeLab and KTH have created a new biomarker panel for diagnosis of chronic periodontitis by sequencing salivary samples and mapping inflammatory mediators from affected patients. Periodontitis is a common chronic inflammatory disease affecting the teeth and gums. Except leading to tooth loss it can also contribute […]

2019-07-05, NEWS

Mia Phillipson appointed new SciLifeLab Scientific Director

The SciLifeLab Board appoints physiology professor Mia Phillipson as Scientific Director, representing Uppsala University, in the SciLifeLab Management Group. Mia Phillipson is a professor in physiology since 2014 at Uppsala University. She is a member of the SciLifeLab faculty and her current research focuses on immune cell recruitment to sites of inflammation or injury, the role […]

2019-06-27, NEWS

Evolution of gene expression in the world’s most common weed

In a recent study led by Martin Lascoux (SciLifeLab/UU) researchers investigated the evolution of gene expression in the world’s most common weed, the shepherd’s purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris). Polyploidy, or whole genome duplication, is a major evolutionary mechanism and most animal and plant species have a polyploid at some point of their ancestry.  The shepherd’s purse, […]

2019-06-27, NEWS

Ilaria Testa aims to observe every molecule

She developed a microscope that cut the time of imaging a living cell with molecular resolution from about forty minutes to half a second. Now Ilaria Testa wants to shed light on neuronal processes by observing morphology that no one has ever seen before. Ilaria Testa works, as she puts it, “at the interface between physics […]

2019-06-27, NEWS

Six joint molecular medicine projects as Fellows from SciLifeLab and WCM(T)M team up

  The National Molecular Medicine Fellows Program (NMMP) has announced the initiatives approved for this year’s Scientific Network Facilitation Grant for SciLifeLab members. Six of the seven funded projects are novel research collaborations between SciLifeLab Fellows and Fellows from the Wallenberg Centres for Molecular Medicine (WCMM and WCMTM) in Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund and Umeå.   […]

2019-06-26, NEWS

Eight Postdoc projects funded to stimulate collaboration

Eight Postdoc projects will receive funding from the SciLifeLab committee at Stockholm University. The aim of the initiative is to stimulate collaborations between principal investigators at SciLifeLab and other parts of the Stockholm University campus as well as between research groups from different disciplines. Each funded project has a main applicant from Stockholm University, and one […]

2019-06-24, NEWS

New blood test makes it easier to diagnose ovarian cancer

In a recent study, led by Ulf Gyllensten (SciLifeLab / Uppsala University), researchers from Uppsala University and the University of Gothenburg, developed a new blood test that can distinguish between malignant and benign ovarian tumors in order to avoid unnecessary and risky surgery in women with suspected cancer. Ovarian cancer is often discovered late and […]