2018-04-20, NEWS

Novel virus found in mosquitoes from Mozambique

A research team from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has discovered a new type of virus. Upon RNA sequencing of mosquito samples from Mozambique using the SciLifeLab National Genomics Infrastructure, they were able to detect a previously uncharacterized virus similar to Picornavirales, which are known to infect a broad range of hosts. The […]

2018-04-16, NEWS

Rickard Sandberg receives the Göran Gustafsson prize

Rickard Sandberg, SciLifeLab faculty and Co-Founder of the Eucaryotic Single Cell Genomics facility, has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson prize 2018. The prize sum is 4.5 million SEK in research funding as well as a personal prize of 250 000 SEK. Nominations for the prize is made by Swedish universities and the awardees are appointed […]

2018-04-10, NEWS

Alexey Amunts receives 2018 Cancer Society Junior Investigator Award

Alexey Amunts (Stockholm University/SciLifeLab) is one of four early career investigators selected to receive a six-year research support from the Swedish Cancer Society, Cancerfonden. His research group studies how proteins are synthesized, folded and assembled into functional multicomponent membrane complexes that drive the cellular energy production, processes reportedly upregulated in cancer. Alexey Amunts is also […]

2018-04-09, NEWS

Gene expression patterns during regeneration in the Stentor ciliate differs between cellular areas

An RNA-sequencing study led by Thijs Ettema (Uppsala University/SciLifeLab) reveals that the cellular regeneration process of the ciliate Stentor polymorphus brings about a massive transcriptional response. These gene expression changes are also demonstrated to differ significantly between the front and back part of the organism. Ciliates are water-living unicellular eukaryotic organisms, characterized by the presence of hair-like […]

2018-04-09, NEWS

Genetic heterogeneity between distinct bone marrow compartments shown in AML

For the first time researchers have investigated intratumoral genetic heterogeneity between anatomically distinct bone marrow compartments of the same patient with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The researchers, led by Olli Kallioniemi, Director of SciLifeLab and faculty at Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab, used exome and amplicon sequencing to compare biopsies from three different bone marrow compartments of two […]

2018-04-04, NEWS

Cryo-EM uncovers structure of energy-making components in green plants

The labs of Alexey Amunts and Erik Lindahl (both Stockholm University/SciLifeLab) have successfully determined the structure of chlororibosomes using Cryo-EM, providing novel insights into plant protein synthesis and a new perspective on the evolution of translation. This new study is published in Nature Plants.  The chlororibosomes are ribosomes located in the chloroplast organelles of plants […]

2018-04-03, NEWS

New insight about how viruses use host proteins to their advantage

Viruses have a very limited set of genes and therefore must use the cellular machineries of their hosts for most parts of their growth. A new study, led by Göran Akusjärvi and Leif Andersson, both at Uppsala University/SciLifeLab, has discovered a specific host protein that many viruses use for their transport within the cell. The results were published […]

2018-03-27, NEWS

Study identifies proteins coupled to survival in tonsillar and base of tongue cancer caused by HPV infection

A recent study by Torbjörn Ramqvist at Karolinska Institutet presents new potential strategies for treatment of certain types of tonsillar and base of tongue cancer. The expression of 155 proteins is analyzed in samples from both tumors and normal tissue using the SciLifeLab Clinical Biomarkers facility and National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS). A major factor causing […]