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The field of data-driven life science is centered on the utilization of data, computational methods, and artificial intelligence to examine biological systems and processes.

Data-driven life science is a field of research that focuses on using data, computational methods and artificial intelligence to study biological systems and processes. This approach includes assembling, sharing, integration and advanced analysis of large amounts of data from diverse sources, including experiments, observations, and simulations, in order to gain a better understanding of how living organisms’ function.

DDLS is anchored at 11 partner organizations across the country, thus formation of active national collaborative communities will be key for the success of the program and its ability to reach to an international level of scientific excellence. It is also a unique opportunity to achieve integration of research activities in data-driven life science across universities. By forming synergistic national networks we expect to see collaborations within each DDLS research area, including data support and computational capabilities, but also cross-disciplinary collaborations across the four research areas. In this way ground-breaking research can develop bottom-up from within the data-driven life science community.

Strategic DDLS Research areas

The program focuses on four strategic areas for data-driven research, all of which are essential for improving the lives of people as well as animals and nature, detecting and treating diseases, protecting biodiversity and creating sustainability.

DDLS Fellows

The DDLS Fellows program is a career program aiming at accelerating the data-driven paradigm shift in life sciences. The DDLS Fellows will form the base of the next-generation of data-driven life scientists in Sweden, and create globally leading computational and data science capabilities.

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Reach the team coordinating the DDLS program on: ddls@scilifelab.se

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