Data-driven Epidemiology and biology of infection

The subject area concerns research that will use big experimental, clinical, or pathogen surveillance data in innovative ways to transform our understanding of pathogens, their interactions with hosts and the environment, and how they are transmitted through populations. The priority area covers computational analysis or predictive modelling of pathogen-host systems for which No changes suggested multidimensional, genome-scale experimental data are now available and extends to using population-scale genetic, clinical, or public health data from pathogen surveillance efforts and biobanks.

Research area-specific DDLS Fellows

The DDLS Fellows program is a career program aiming at accelerating the data-driven paradigm shift in life sciences. The DDLS Fellows will form the base of the next-generation of data-driven life scientists in Sweden, and create globally leading computational and data science capabilities.

Meet the Data-driven Epidemiology and biology of infection fellows:

Interview with Laura Carroll (UmU)
Interview with Luisa Hugerth (UU)
Interview with Camila Consiglio (LU)
Interview with Andrea Fossati (KI)

Contact information:

Research area specific expert group

The DDLS-Steering group has appointed research area (RA) specific expert groups to plan,
coordinate and steer activities within each RA. The members were selected in an open call for nominations.

The role of a DDLS research area specific expert group is to:

• advise on research area specific strategies and research profiles for the scientific programs of the DDLS
• suggest and co-organize activities and community events around the research area topics
• take part in evaluations by providing advice on the design of calls and the evaluation process
• advise and support the DDLS fellows, post docs and PhD’s within the area
• act as research area specific national reference group for data services and support, training and research school
• engage the national DDLS community within each RA.

Members of The Data-driven Epidemiology and biology of infection expert group:

Tom Britton, Stockholm University
Joakim Dillner, Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska Univ. Hospital
Tove Fall, Uppsala University
Birgitta Henriques-Normark, Karolinska Institutet
Erik Kristiansson, Chalmers University of Technology
Patrik Medstrand, Lund University
Staffan Svärd, Uppsala University
Oliver Billker, chair (DDLS SG member)

News article: DDLS Data Driven Epidemiology and biology of Infection RA expert group appointed

Research area lead and coordination

Research area lead for the Data-driven Epidemiology and biology of infection research area is Oliver Billker (UmU) and coordinator is Nora Lehotai (UmU)

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