Call for projects to access CBGE’s technologies at significantly reduced cost

The SciLifeLab Chemical Biology and Genome Engineering Platform launches a call for subsidized pilot projects to turn phenotypic observation into mechanistic insight.

Chemical Biology and Genome Engineering (CBGE) is a recently established SciLifeLab platform consisting of three units:

As a platform, CBGE’s common mission is to turn phenotypic observation into mechanistic insight. We offer a comprehensive service portfolio in chemical biology, high-throughput CRISPR-based genetic perturbation, and advanced chemical proteomics.

Purpose of the call

This call provides a unique opportunity for research groups at any Swedish university to use CBGE’s services at a significantly reduced cost. The call is aimed at the identification of platform pilot projects (PPPs), which will benefit from the synergies between the CBGE units’ complementary technologies.  We envision this to be especially well suited for studying the interaction between small compounds and their targets downstream of phenotypic, small compound screens (target discovery, mechanism-of-action elucidation, target deconvolution, binding site mapping, etc). However, any project that can potentially benefit from services provided by at least two units will be considered.

Eligibility and application process.

Research group leaders at any Swedish university are eligible to apply.  Please submit a short project proposal in PDF format, maximally two pages.

The proposal must contain the following sections:

  1. Brief scientific background and significance
  2. Project description including any existing data and project history (if applicable)
  3. Proposed funding of the project
  4. CBGE’s proposed role in the project and its added value.

Project proposals should be submitted to

The deadline for this call is December 6th, 2021. Shortlisted candidates will be informed in due course and invited to a consultation meeting with CBGE in January/February 2022. In this meeting, we will explore together with the applicant whether the project would benefit from the services of at least two of the three platform units. Such multi-unit use is a requirement for the project to be considered as PPP. A final decision will be made by the evaluation committee after completion of all consultation meetings.

Contact details

Information about this call and CBCS services
Anna-Lena Gustavsson, Platform Director, Head of Unit

CFG services
Bernhard Schmierer, Platform co-Director, Head of Unit

ChemProt services
Massimilano Gaetani, Head of Unit



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