SciLifeLab DDLS and GMS part of two new national projects

These two projects address crucial aspects of data sharing, innovation, healthcare, and research. They hold the potential to significantly influence and advance precision medicine.

Scalable National Data Sharing of Omics Data for Healthcare, Research, and Innovation
The emergence of precision medicine has made the sharing of health data increasingly important for healthcare, academia, and innovation by pulling research closer to clinical routine. The project is structured to take the remaining steps towards concrete data sharing nationally between the National Genomics Platform (NGP), established by Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS), and four central players in Swedish life science: healthcare-related entities in the form of Regional Cancer Centers in collaboration (RCC) and the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Fohm), the research community in the form of the Data-Driven Life Science (DDLS) program within SciLifeLab, as well as research-oriented pharmaceutical companies through Lif.

The project is granted within the SWElife call for strategic projects in 2023.

System Demonstrator for National Accessibility of Omics Data for Healthcare, Research, and Innovation
The application aims to demonstrate on a large scale how Swedish healthcare, through a systemic change in the collection and accessibility of advanced molecular data, such as omics data, enables the accelerated implementation of precision medicine in healthcare and creates new opportunities for research and innovation. The proposed system demonstrator intends to fundamentally transform data national genomics flows supporting clinical diagnostics and research by developing and implementing the National Genomics Platform (NGP) within Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) and connecting that with DDLS. The project will drive value-added work through data structuring and standardization, deeper collaboration with research data infrastructure at SciLifeLab, and making data accessible nationally and internationally for academia, authorities, and industry.


Last updated: 2023-10-19

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