Technology Development Projects (TDPs)

The projects in the list below have been approved by the SciLifeLab board to receive TDP funding. Part of the funding came from the national SciLifeLab infrastructure funding, while most of it was contributed by the Strategic SciLifeLab funding (SFO) received by the four host universities KTH, KI, SU and UU.

Annika Jenmalm Jensen, Infrastructure Director of SciLifeLab, explains the importance for SciLifeLab to support technology development and explore new technologies that could enable breakthrough discoveries to be made in the future

“The purpose of the TDPs is to help SciLifeLab national infrastructure units to offer improved and new services and to keep the SciLifeLab infrastructure at the cutting-edge.”

Annika Jenmalm Jensen, Infrastructure Director at SciLifeLab.

Approved Technology Development Projects 2019-2020

  • High-throughput screening in live zebrafish
  • Bifunctional Protein Degrader (BIPOD) – Towards tissue selective PROTAC’s
  • Eukaryotic protein production for biomedical research
  • Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Neuroscience (Neuro-MSI)
  • MF-SIM: Live Cell Super-Resolution 4D-Microscopy
  • High -dimensional secretomic analysis of single cells for systems-level immunomonitoring
  • Production of proteins and glycoproteins in mammalian cells
  • Ultra-sensitive monitoring of tumor DNA in plasma from cancer patients
  • Novel method for identifying the effect of DNA sequence variants on common diseases
  • Multiplexed imaging tools for high-dimensional protein maps of human cells and tissues
  • Spatial Genomics
  • Deep and quantitative phosphoproteomic profiling of biological samples
  • RIF-Seq: RNA isolation free RNA sequencing
  • CRISPR Screening 2.0
  • Improved drug discovery using single-cell resolution target-engagement profiling
  • Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis for Whole Slide Imaging (AIIA-WSI)

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