SciLifeLab offers access to technologies and services for many external partners. We collaborate and interact with academic research groups, health care providers, industry, policy makers, teachers and students. These collaborations have large potential for societal gain and applications include development of novel medical products and new ways to produce biofuels.

Academic collaboration

SciLifeLab participates in national and international networks when possible and appropriate. Several of our technological platforms are Research Council approved national infrastructures and several participate in European networks such as ELIXIR and BBMRI. In addition, our scientists have broad international networks of collaboration.

Collaboration with industry

SciLifeLab welcomes industrial partners and uses several strategies for fostering collaboration:

1) AIMday®: Academic Industrial Meeting days (AIMday) are organized several times each year. AIMday events typically focus on a topic area, such as ‘cancer’ or ‘bioimaging’. Companies submit single questions or larger topics they like addressed and scientists respond if they think they can contribute to addressing these. A 1-day workshop is organized where sessions are devoted to these topics.

2) SciLifeLab Partnering: SciLifeLab Partnering pilots a mechanism for academics and industrial partners to come together to develop ideas and later apply for project support. VINNOVA has already granted funding to two pilot projects aimed at addressing tangible translational topics.

3) On site collaborators: We welcome onsite collaborators, where industrial partners locate infrastructure and personnel onsite at SciLifeLab for the mutual benefits of technology development and collaborative research.

Collaboration with health care and government agencies

SciLifeLab has a platform for clinical diagnostics, Next-Generation Diagnostics, aimed at developing diagnostic methodology based on DNA-sequencing and biomarkers that can be effectively translated into applied health care. This platform works in collaboration with academic hospitals. We are also exploring how to best collaborate with other government agencies such as the Medical Product Agency, National Veterinary Institute and Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Society and youth

SciLifeLab recognizes the importance of raising the next generation of scientists and members of society. We therefore engage in several activities designed to engage the public at large and teachers and students in particular. Activities include partnering with the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences and other organizations engaging young people in science. More information about our activities towards school children and teachers is available at the page Science for schools. SciLifeLab also encourages young scientist through the Science and SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists. If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact us.


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