SciLifeLab Uppsala

In difference to SciLifeLab Campus Solna, where almost all operations are located in two buildings; the SciLifeLab research community and units in Uppsala are spread out over the entire Uppsala University campus.

There is a, however, a main hub for SciLifeLab in Uppsala – Meetingplace Navet. Navet is a place to meet for scientists, unit staff, and visitors from within and outside the academic environment. It hosts 3 000 square meters of meeting rooms, guest rooms and offices, and an additional 8 000 square meters of laboratories in the surrounding area. The innovative architecture is designed to facilitate interdisciplinary meetings and serve as an inspiring atmosphere to promote creativity.

Research community

A large number of our Group Leaders, staff scientists and other personnel members are based in Uppsala. Being spread across campus, the research environment in Uppsala enables connections across faculties, institutions and disciplines.


There are also a number of infrastructure service units placed in Uppsala:

  • ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) of Therapeutics
  • Ancient DNA
  • BioImage Informatics
  • Biophysical Screening and Characterization
  • Clinical Genomics Uppsala
  • Genome Engineering Zebrafish
  • In Vitro and Systems Pharmacology
  • Medicinal Chemistry – Lead Identification.
  • Microbial Single Cell Genomics
  • National Bioinformatics Infrastructure (NBIS)
  • National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI)
  • PLA and Single Cell Proteomics

Interested in an infrastructure unit placed at another location than where you’re based?

No worries! As SciLifeLab is a national infrastructure, you can use all our units, no matter where you’re located. Many of the units also collaborate across nodes, i.e. your project may be serviced by one unit in Uppsala and one at Campus Solna, or any other of our locations.

Adress and getting here

Meetingplace Navet is located in Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC).

Using public transportation, the closest bus stop is Uppsala Science Park. See suggested routes on UL.

Visiting address:
Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), Husargatan 3, entrance C11, 752 37 Uppsala, Sweden

Mailing address (to SciLifeLab Operations Office in Uppsala):
Office for SciLifeLab in Uppsala, Box 3037, 750 03 Uppsala, Sweden


The reception desk at Navet’s entrance is not staffed. Instead, please contact one of the team members below.

Maria Bäckström, Coordinator: 018-471 41 94, 072-999 92 69,

Erika Erkstam, Project leader: 018-471 42 67, 070-425 03 87,

Meeting rooms and more information

Navet offers meeting rooms for 6 to 92 people, an open meeting area for mingling events, lunches, poster sessions and exhibitions, and guest rooms that can be used for work in shorter periods.

Want to know more about meeting room bookings, internet access, parking or something else regarding our Uppsala site? Visit the in Uppsala page of our Community Pages.

Last updated: 2022-07-15

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