8 SciLifeLab Fellows earn SEK 39 million in VR funding

As the Swedish Research Council (VR) announce this year’s grant decisions, we celebrate that several SciLifeLab Group Leaders will receive funding support starting in January 2021. All of them are SciLifeLab Fellows, granted research project grants within Medicine & health and Natural & engineering sciences. In addition, recently recruited Fellow Erdinc Sezgin is approved for one of the coveted VR Starting grants, with the purpose of providing junior researchers the opportunity to establish themselves as independent researchers in Sweden. In total, the awarded grants amount to approximately SEK 39 million for SciLifeLab Fellows and well over SEK 75 million for all SciLifeLab Group Leaders.   

“Again, SciLifeLab Group Leaders have proven their high standard”, says Disa L Hammarlöf, Research Coordinator at SciLifeLab. “With the new funding, they will be able to break new ground in various exciting aspects of life science, ranging from projects focused on genome architecture, protein biology, cell memory, and optimization of bioengineering systems, to single-cell explorations, drug resistance, and new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. I look forward to following the developments of all these projects!”

SciLifeLab Fellows receiving VR grants:

Medicine and health 
Magda Bienko (Karolinska Institutet)
Olof  Eriksson (Uppsala University)
Vicent Pelechano (Karolinska Institutet)
Erdinc Sezgin (Karolinska Institutet), VR Starting grant

Natural and engineering sciences
Simon Elsässer (Karolinska Institutet)
Daniel Globisch (Uppsala University)
Paul Hudson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)      
Kristina Jonas (Stockholm University)

The full list of approved grants is available through the Swedish Research Council website.


Last updated: 2020-11-05

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