SciLifeLab is a national resource of unique technologies and expertise available to life scientists, closely intertwined with our community of researchers in areas such as biomedicine, ecology and evolution. We bring scientists together across traditional boundaries and foster collaborations with industry, health care, public research organizations and international partners.

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At SciLifeLab, we provide access to a range of pioneering technologies in molecular biosciences. Together, our units enable the scientific endeavors of users from academia, industry and health care. Dedicated staff scientists can offer support throughout the experimental process – from study design to data handling. Regardless of your particular field of work, you are welcome to seek support from units at SciLifeLab.

Most of our technologies are agnostic to applications, meaning they can be used to adress questions in a range of life science disciplines, e.g. precision medicine, ecosystem surveillance and evolutionary biology.

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Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists

The Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists is a global prize, established in 2013, aimed at rewarding scientists at an early stage of their careers. Science/AAAS and SciLifeLab, a coordinated effort of four universities, have joined forces in creating the Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists to recognize excellence amongst young researchers from around the world.

Research at SciLifeLab

At SciLifeLab, no research group is an island. We live by collaboration and gather scientists in a broad range of molecular bioscience research, from health to environmental research, in order to facilitate multidisciplinary studies and networking.

A number of research constellations and initiatives makes up our scientific community, such as the more than 200 affiliated academic research groups, the SciLifeLab Fellows program, Data-driven life science, and lately also a national research program targeting Covid-19.

There’s a truly symbiotic relationship existing with our infrastructure. Our units provide access to the latest biomolecular technologies and expertise to bring research projects to the next level, whilst researchers using our services can team up with our dedicated staff scientists to propel technology development and really push the limit of what is possible in life science.

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How to utilise MAX IV in your Life Science research

Join InfraLife & MAX IV to hear how MAX IV can be utilized for your Life Science needs with representatives from the InfraLife project, the MAX IV Industrial Relations Office […]

SciLifeLab Gothenburg
Arvid Carlsson Lecture Hall Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Medicinaregatan 3, Gothenburg, Sweden

Information seminar about call for Clinical Technology Development projects

The SciLifeLab capabilities for Precision Medicine and Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness (PLP) has recently launched a call for Clinical Technology Development Projects aimed at addressing unmet clinical needs. The call will […]

SciLifeLab Precision Medicine Capability
Online event via Zoom
Virtual Event Virtual Event

Info-seminar: Call for Letter of Interest in Multimodal Precision Medicine

The Precision Medicine Capability now invites clinical researchers (PI) to submit Letters-of-Interest, LoI, for co-developing collaborative projects to test feasibility of generating interoperable multimodal data on clinically relevant samples at […]

SciLifeLab Precision Medicine Capability
Online event via Zoom
Virtual Event Virtual Event

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