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SciLifeLab coordinates a highly collaborative research community with research conducted in the entire area of life sciences, such as molecular biology, cancer, immunology, stem cells and new biofuels. The technologies and services within our national infrastructure is used and developed in a symbiotic fashion with researchers within this community.

Below, you can find out more about the work of our Group Leaders.

A SciLifeLab Group Leader is responsible for a research group in life science, or for a technology platform or unit at SciLifeLab, and the Group Leader definition also includes the SciLifeLab Fellows and DDLS Fellows. They all have a strong commitment to our center and affiliates with SciLifeLab, as well as with at least one Swedish university. SciLifeLab Group leaders are nominated by SciLifeLab site committees and infrastructure management, and processed by SciLifeLab:s Management group.

sciLifeLab group leader definition

Malin L. Nording

Umeå University

Nathaniel Street

Umeå University
Scientific Co-Lead for Planetary Biology at SciLifeLab

Adnane Achour

Karolinska Institutet

Göran Akusjärvi

Uppsala University

Marie Allen

Uppsala University

Mikael Altun

Karolinska Institutet

Tobias Andermann

Uppsala University
DDLS Fellow

Leif Andersson

Uppsala University

Anders Andersson

Scientific co-Lead for Planetary Biology at SciLifeLab

Siv Andersson

Uppsala University

Per Andrén

Uppsala University
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