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Call for proposals for pilot facilities at SciLifeLab Uppsala 2016

SciLifeLab in Uppsala now opens a call for proposals for new pilot facilities, not currently part of SciLifeLab. Researchers at Uppsala University can apply with the aim to set up and provide an outstanding service of a technology relevant for researchers in the life sciences.

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New center for studying the human microbiome

Ferring Pharmaceuticals and Karolinska Institutet have signed a collaboration agreement for the establishment of a research center exploiting the human microbiome. Parts of the research will be carried out at SciLifeLab.

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Novel method for enzyme engineering

Per-Olof Syrén and colleagues found that incorporation of water in the enzymatic structure can enhance the catalysis 34-fold compared to the natural enzyme.

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SciLifeLab – excellent development in short time

For the first time ever SciLifeLab has been subject to a public evaluation by the Swedish Research Council on behalf of the Swedish government.

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