SciLifeLab is a national center for molecular biosciences with focus on health and environmental research.

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Precision Cancer Medicine focus at Keystone Symposia

On May 9, SciLifeLab arranged a lunch seminar on Cutting-Edge Technologies in Precision Cancer Medicine during the Keystone Symposia in Stockholm, featuring several researchers and facilities from SciLifeLab, highlighting large-scale sequencing efforts in different cancer types.

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A precision medicine approach to treat glioblastoma

Five months ago, a glioblastoma sequencing study led by Karin Forsberg Nilsson (UU) was granted funding through the SciLifeLab National Projects initiative. We met her  to learn more about the team’s work to advance the knowledge of this particularly aggressive form of brain cancer.

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Chemical and Genetic Screening in focus at Science Summit 2018

On April 25, SciLifeLab hosted our annual Science Summit. 300 participants came to Aula Medica in Solna to  hear both national and international speakers in the field of chemical and genetic and screening. The event also included poster- and company exhibitions as well as a photo challenge.

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Novel virus found in mosquitoes from Mozambique

A research team from the SLU  has discovered a new type of virus. Upon RNA sequencing of mosquito samples from Mozambique using the SciLifeLab National Genomics Infrastructure, they were able to detect a previously uncharacterized virus similar to Picornavirales, which  infect a broad range of hosts.

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