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First annual NMMP meeting

March 14 and 15, the first annual meeting of the National Molecular Medicine Fellows Program (NMMP) took place at the IVA conference center in central Stockholm. This two-day meeting for young research group leaders offered career coaching activities, networking, research infrastructure information and a scientific symposium.

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New drug combination suppresses brain tumor cells

A research team led by Fredrik Swartling, UU/SciLifeLab, has discovered that medulloblastoma cells can be effectively suppressed by combining two treatment strategies, disrupting both the expression and stabilization of the protein MYC. The study was enabled by NGI and NBIS at SciLifeLab.

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Genetic prehistory of Iberia mapped

In a study published in PNAS, a team of researchers has examined  the remains of 13 human individuals from the north and south of Spain, including genome sequencing of a 7 245 year-old farmer performed by NGI Uppsala at SciLifeLab. One of the senior authors of the study was Mattias Jacobsson, UU/SciLifeLab.

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Science & SciLifeLab Prize – application now open!

We now welcome applications for the 2018 Science & SciLIfeLab Prize for Young Scientists. The international Prize is awarded annually to four young scientists for outstanding life science research for which he/she earned a doctoral degree in the previous two years.

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