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Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt

New supercomputers will strengthen important research

April 24th the two supercomputers Bianca and Rackham are inaugurated at Uppsala University. Bianca, that will store data from human samples, will be available for researchers at SciLifeLab and their partners via SNIC through the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) platform at SciLifeLab.

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SciLifeLab offers funding for national genomics studies

SciLifeLab welcomes applications for Swedish research projects based on next generation DNA sequencing. In total, this third call will provide 30 million SEK in support for sequence analysis of unique and well-characterized sample collections to study either the genetic basis of disease or environmental effects on biodiversity.

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Photo: Édouard Hue

New study reveals how some chickens got striped feathers

In a study published in PLOS Genetics, led by Leif Andersson, Uppsala University/SciLifeLab, Swedish and French researchers report that two independent mutations are required to explain the development of the sex-linked barring pattern in chicken.

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A shoal of herring.

The genetic basis for timing of reproduction in the Atlantic herring revealed

In a study published today in PNAS, scientists in Sweden and Canada, led by Leif Andersson at Uppsala University/SciLifeLab, have studied the genetic basis of reproduction in 25 populations of herring from both sides of the North Atlantic.

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