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Bringing life science professionals together and furthering skills in the scientific community are in SciLifeLab’s DNA. Our many events and courses, which span a wide range of topics, present opportunities to develop your know-how and share your own experiences and network – sparking new ideas, as well as new collaborations. 


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Exhibition in Navet at BMC

This is a chance to receive information and updates from 30 of the leading life science companies.

SciLifeLab Navet
Navet, SciLifeLab, Uppsala SciLifeLab Uppsala, BMC (Entrance: C11), Husargatan 3,, Uppsala, Sweden

6th CryoNET Symposium in Stockholm

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in Stockholm on Wednesday. We’ll have a full house of around 200 participants, some 50 posters and a bunch of […]

Arrhenius Laboratory Stockholm University, Svante Arrhenius väg 16C, Stockholm

Python programming with applications to bioinformatics

National course open for PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees in need of fundamental Python skills within all Swedish universities

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
SciLifeLab Navet Uppsala University, and Naturvetarhuset Umeå University Uppsala and Umeå

SciLifeLab Day Linköping

This event is a kick-off for the national SciLifeLab site in Linköping. Learn more about the services and capabilities that are offered from SciLifeLab, both nationally and locally, and how […]

SciLifeLab Linköping
Campus US, Linköping University Lasarettsgatan 20, Linköping, Sweden

Cryo-EM sample preparation and data collection

The purpose of the course is to prepare and train Cryo-EM facility users in sample preparation methods, introduce users to the image data acquisition workflow, expand knowledge about cryo-EM methods […]

SciLifeLab Umeå
KBC Building Umeå Linneaus Väg 6, Umeå

Introduction to Data Management Practices

This workshop will introduce important aspects of research data management through a series of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on computer exercises.

NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
Uppsala University, Uppsala and Chalmers University, Gothenburg

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