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Current vacancies within the SciLifeLab community is published on this page. If there are no open positions available you are still welcome to send an open application to the facility or research group that you are interested in.

Our thesis projects are posted on our degree projects page.

Vacancies at our host universities are found here:
Karolinska Institutet
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm University
Uppsala University


Bioinformatician to Clinical Genomics (Stockholm)

Apply before March 6


Several Postdoc Positions Available for Interdisciplinary Project on Gene regulation in Bacteria

Do you want to do a postdoc project in a stimulating environment? We are hiring several postdoctoral researchers within the scope of the AGILe Cell project. We are particularly looking for outstanding researchers interested in:   Single-molecule microscopy – In vivo and in vitro tracking using new technology including smFRET and the MINFLUX system. Microbial […]


System developer and administrator – Clinical sequencing facility

Apply before March 10


Bioinformatician – Clinical Sequencing facility

Apply before February 27, 2017


Biomarker discovery in human samples using Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology methodologies

1 PhD student and 1 researcher
Apply before February 27, 2017


PhD Studentship in bioinformatics: Network Inference and Systems Biology

at the Stockholm Bioinformatics Center, located at Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, with strong ties to a number of life science and computer science departments at Stockholm University, KTH, and Karolinska Institutet. The research project will be supervised by Professor Erik Sonnhammer ( The complex interplay between proteins, genes, metabolites, and other components […]