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Women in academia

SciLifeLab and Young Academy of Europe (YAE) have hosted a symposium on women’s pathways to academic excellence. Read about what happened during the full-day event and which scientific articles on gender research that were highlighted.

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Mats Larhed

SciLifeLab profile: Mats Larhed

The reoccurring theme of Mats Larhed’s work is the improvement of human health. It is reflected in both his effort on developing new drug candidates and in his coordination of the EU health project EIT Health in Uppsala.

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Researchers discover missing link in the evolution of complex cells

In a new study, published in Nature this week, a research team led from SciLifeLab/Uppsala University presents the discovery of a new microbe that represents a missing link in the evolution of complex life.

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SciLifeLab Open House

SciLifeLab organizes its first Open House on May 27. You will get the opportunity to interact with facility personnel and visit many of the laboratories located in Uppsala. The day will end with a relaxed mingle and some playful activities at Navet, Uppsala Biomedical Centre.

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