At Campus Solna

SciLifeLab’s Stockholm site is mainly located in the buildings Alfa and Gamma at Campus Solna, just outside Stockholm city in the Hagastaden district. Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital are located nearby, as well as several governmental agencies, institutes, and businesses connected to education and research within medicine and health.

The SciLifeLab buildings comprise around 15 000 square meters of lab and office space; and host about 900 researchers, staff scientists, and other personnel from our Stockholm-based host universities (Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University). By bringing people together across traditional university-, faculty- and department boundaries, SciLifeLab Campus Solna creates many opportunities for networking and initiating joint projects.

PhD & Post-doc Community

The SciLifeLab PhD and Postdoc Council (Campus Solna) is a non-formal association of PhD students and Post-doctoral researchers working at SciLifeLab. We provide PhD and Postdocs at SciLifeLab with a supportive network and representation.

Site Support

The Site Support team takes care of campus-specific operations on behalf of the SciLifeLab Campus Solna Committee; such as virtual and physical access to SciLifeLab resources, and managing Campus Solna premises and units. You can contact the Site Support on or via the contacts listed on the contact page. More information is available on the intranet.


For SciLifeLab Campus Solna specific resources, such as meeting room bookings and IT support, please visit the intranet (requires an on-site network connection or VPN).

IT Support

Send an email to with a detailed description of your issue.

Please provide us with the following information in the ticket,

  • Phone Number
  • Where you’re seated (Room no.)
  • University you are affiliated with (KTH, KI, SU, UU)

IT & Site Support Service Desk

The IT & Site Support common service desk is available at the reception desk in the entrance at Tomtebodavägen 23A.

We are open for drop-in

Policy document – Campus Solna

This policy document contains important information regarding employment, rules and good practice at SciLifeLab in Solna. All people working at SciLifeLab in Solna, regardless of funding, are required to read, sign and return the last page of the document to the administration prior to starting work in the laboratory. By signing the document, the employee agrees to comply with the rules as well as to stay informed on the contents of newer versions of the policy document. 


To get around SciLifeLab Campus Solna, you need an access card. All authorized personnel are registered by their Head of Division/Department in the SciLifeLab Staff Database, and will then be able to pick up their card at Site Support. More information on this is available at the intranet.

If you are a short-term guest – perhaps a visiting researcher or an external visitor – you are welcome to use a short-term access card. To book the card, your host emails Site Support on and provides your name, affiliation, phone number and period of stay (a maximum of two weeks). You can then pick up the card in the reception (note that a deposit is required).

Internet access

All permanent desks have a wired network connection (also connected to the printers). Apart from this connection, there are two wireless networks available: Eduroam and KTH OPEN Guest.

Eduroam is a global wireless network provided in educational institutions, libraries and airports around the world. It is set up as a collaboration between universities to provide network access for visiting staff and students.

To set up Eduroam, please see your organization’s instructions, for instance:

KTH OPEN Guest is a network provided by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, accessible to guests at SciLifeLab Campus Solna. Guests need login credentials which are organized by their host. Hosts are asked to email (using their SciLifeLab email account) with the following information:

  • Number of accounts
  • Period of validity (from-to).


Akademiska Hus manages the parking at Campus Solna. There are several different parking options for cars and bikes, depending on whether you are a visitor, a tenant or a Karolinska Institutet employee. There are hourly, daily and monthly rates.

SciLifeLab is a tenant at Campus Solna, which means you may park your car for a reduced rate if you work at SciLifeLab. To use this rate, you need a parking permit, which is accessible through Site Support. 

Restaurants and catering

There are a number of restaurants and catering options at Campus Solna, a few of which are presented below.

(Please note though – the catering options suggested don’t take procured agreements for different organizations into account – make sure to order catering accordingly with your organization’s agreements).

More lunch options can be found at Menu, put together by the SciLifeLab Data Centre, displaying a number of restaurants and their daily lunch options, in the proximity of SciLifeLab Campus Solna.

More options at Menu

Address and getting here

SciLifeLab Campus Solna is based in the Alfa and Gamma buildings on Tomtebodavägen 23, Solna.

Using public transportation, the closest bus stops are Karolinska Institutet Biomedicum and Karolinska Vägen. See suggested routes on SL.

Visiting address
Tomtebodavägen 23A
17165 Solna, Sweden

Delivery address
Tomtebodavägen 23B
17165 Solna, Sweden

Phone number deliveries: +46 08-524 814 98

Mailing address
Box 1031
17121 Solna, Sweden


The SciLifeLab reception is located in Delta building, ground floor. Open Monday-Friday 8:00-17:00.
Contact:, 08-524 820 20.

If you have any other questions, you can contact Campus Solna Site Support at

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