Research Community Programs

SciLifeLab Research Community Programs (RCPs)

To facilitate internationally competitive, cutting-edge collaborative research across Sweden, SciLifeLab will leverage its infrastructures to initiate a number of research community programs (RCPs).



Through an open call for expression of interest and a transparent evaluation process, SciLifeLab aims to profile its existing research community better, increase interactions between currently separated projects and launch entirely new initiatives.

The aims of the RCPs are:

  • to bring together a critical mass of scientific expertise across several departments and universities in Sweden on a particular theme or topic,
  • to form new enabling links between infrastructures and researchers and to engage established and young PIs to combine forces and work together in multidisciplinary and national collaborations.

In this first call of its kind, we anticipate to launch 3-6 RCPs, where each RCP could cover anything from 3 to 30 research groups and facilities. There will be future rounds of RCP calls and experience from previous rounds will be used to adjust the process.


More detailed information about the RCPs is found here


The call for proposals is now closed!


For questions about the RCPs please contact Jenny Alfredsson, Project Coordinator for the RCPs, at